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Take our Chef’s Choice Challenge!

With over thirty toppings, we know that choosing how to dress your ‘dog can be a bit overwhelming. But never fear, our creative staff is here to help! If you refuse to choose, ask for Chef’s Choice on any of our sausages to get the Dat Dog experience of a life time.

Sauerkraut, tomatoes, and Sriracha mayo? Pico de gallo, andouille sauce, and barbecue sauce? Oh, the possibilities! Ask for Chef’s Choice and receive a jazz improvisation on a bun. Or, create your own unique hot dog and show us what you got!

We want to see your beautiful Dat Dogs! Show us your Chef’s Choice using the hashtag #MyChefsChoice on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook! One winner will be drawn every month!

Those who live adventurously are the most fulfilled. Take the #MyChefsChoice challenge today!

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